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The mantle of Christ is on you
By Silas Esteves   February 11th, 2012

Pastor’s Breakfast gathers around 300 pastors in Mount Zion, Niterói

On Saturday, February 11th, Mount Zion hosted a Pastor´s Breakfast. This event included around 300 pastors from the Niterói area who gathered together for a moment of fellowship. Pastors from different denominations were represented including Father João Sotrique and a wonderful group from the Catholic Church.

The event began with tender worship and a wonderful breakfast. Pastor Adilson Soares Fonseca, founder of the periodic breakfast event, welcomed the visitors, “By the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus we have God´s people gathered here today.” After that, pastor João Batista said a prayer of thankfulness. “The most important thing happening today is that we are gathered here in Your presence. Thank you Lord for each brother and for our daily bread. We are all part of only one church.”

The pastor of the churches of The Living Word Fellowship in Brazil, Silas Esteves, then began a time of worship and called everyone to look for an experience with God. “He brought us here to have an experience of transformation. The mechanics aren’t important, but we are here to unite our hearts together and exalt the Father”, Silas said.

With songs including “It Shall Flow like a River” and “Holy, You are Holy”, the pastors went into a deep experience of worship in the spirit, much like that of the Early Church. Psalms of love were flowing from everyone’s mouth. Silas encouraged everyone, “Let your heart express itself before the Lord. Begin to speak in tongues and melodies saying, ‘Lord, I love you.’ The Lord is seeking sons who worship Him in spirit and truth”.

During the worship, Silas prophesied against the spirits of division and said that it was time to open our hearts and let ourselves be transformed by the renewing of our minds. “Today, the enemy has been defeated; it is a day of victory in the house of the Lord. We cast out every spirit that keeps us apart from each other,” he declared.

Silas Esteves then spoke a word about the mantle of the Son of God that was laid upon us. “The Lord wishes that we live in this earth just as Christ lived. Our titles and positions don’t matter. We have to be touched by the Lord with the revelation that we are Christ in flesh,” he spoke.

Silas told the pastors that this is the time for the appropriation of a new mantle. “The mantle we use today is limited because it is based on our own strength. That is why we feel drained. Now is the time for us to appropriate the mantle of sonship.” He also said, “Spiritual sonship is something we take very seriously. We have many moving as fathers without having a spiritual father. However, the truth is, we can only reach a certain point when we don’t have the relationship of father and son in our lives.”

It is one thing to serve Jesus, but it’s another thing entirely when He transfers His mantle to us. It is time for sons to rise up and be empowered by the mantle of the Holy Spirit instead of by our natural abilities. “I want death on a certain level; death to the human struggle that tries everything to please God. Men and women will shake this region and touch many by putting on this mantle and starting to be Christ on earth,” he said.

The truth is that people don’t need another church, they need Christ in flesh. Let this be your challenge: instead of being just a pastor, live as a son, think and speak what He thinks. Put on the mantle! It is time for His nature to be transferred to you and our minds to be transformed.

At the end of the breakfast, everyone shared communion to seal the deep experience they had with God in the word and in the worship.


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