A Palavra Viva

Church of the Living Word
Monte Sião - Niterói, Brazil

Inaugurating Colabore School: God’s people manifesting His Word

Today was a historical day in Monte Sião: we inaugurated Colabore School! About 80 people gathered at the school facility to celebrate in worship and thankfulness to the Lord as we see His Word being fulfilled.

The children and teachers were beautiful in their white and maroon uniforms, ready and excited to start this new day. Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, Silas and Shuma Esteves were overwhelmed as they arrived at the school and saw everybody in worship and expectation. Gary and Marilyn said that the school facility is an expression of the drive of the Monte Sião family to create the vision of the Colabore School. They thanked Silas and Shuma for the commitment of their hearts and for having the divine gift of receiving a word and manifesting it. That is the trademark of the people of Monte Sião. Marilyn said that in our oneness, we will bring forth Christ in our children.

Before entering the School, the children held a Brazilian flag and sang the national anthem, declaring their love for their nation. Then the most amazing thing happened: Marilyn cut the ribbon at the entrance to the school and immediately all the children rushed in, excited to start studying together. It was hard to hold back the tears.

The first day of school continued with lots of fun painting, origami, games and workshops. The dream is just beginning. There are 24 students, a group of over ten teachers and many others who have dedicated their lives in the last few months to do everything from preparing curriculum to building the school facility. The school exists because of our faithfulness to walk in the vision that God gave us and as a family we will continue to walk in even greater things.

Silas Esteves

Ordained in 1978, Silas Esteves, along with his wife Selma Esteves, is one of the supervisors of The Living Word Fellowship and apostolic ministry of the churches in Brazil and Mexico. Silas resides in Niterói, RJ, in the prophetic community Mount Zion, where has worked extensively, along with his spiritual father and mentor Gary Hargrave, promoting unity of Christ's Body.