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The End of Accusation – A Generation Immersed in the Father’s Love: Silas and Selma Esteves talk with the Young Prophets
By Silas Esteves   February 11th, 2013

Silas and Selma Esteves met with the young people attending the School of the Prophets, to chat as spiritual parents. Silas began by expressing his desire for a radical liberation for each young person. This generation has the answers to all the problems that exist in the world today, however, there is a sense of guilt and accusation that binds and stops the effectiveness that is needed.

Silas wanted two experiences for the young people today: the immersion of each one in the Father’s love, and the end of the accusation caused by Satan. He read Revelation 12:10 which talks about the fall of the accuser of the brethren. We need to stop listening to Satan’s accusation among ourselves since Christ has already won the war. The cry of Silas and Selma is that each one may deeply receive the love of God, and that all may live free of the accusing voices that are so constant in their lives. God’s love does not see sin or stumbling, but only that which God is forming in each one as His instrument on earth.

Silas and Selma are convinced that they will raise spiritual children who find themselves as the solution to the problems of the world today. Silas cited each of the seven realms in which Satan is being chased out and asked the young people to state the areas where they see themselves as answers. Each one connected with their specific destiny, and most importantly, they connected with the love of the Father.

After Silas and Selma finished talking, some of the young people thanked and blessed them for the heart that they are. Rebekah Soares, one of the young people of Mount Zion, noted how the “world” tries to dictate how her generation should think and what they should do (i.e.whether to attend college or what profession to choose). At Mount Zion, parents, both spiritual and natural, are the ones who help create and guide the young people into the areas where the whole course of the earth is changed.

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