A Palavra Viva

Church of the Living Word
Monte Sião - Niterói, Brazil

Our History

John Robert Stevens visited Brazil several times in the late 1950s, going to several cities in several states. In each place he visited, the power of the Word that he imparted impacted everyone who was seeking a relationship with the Lord. As fruit of John Robert Stevens’ ministry, several churches and Bible study groups were started in various cities around Brazil.

In 1972, Stevens established The Living Word in Brazil, based on the revelation that the church would grow only if it was led by the Word of God and had as its expression a true family spirit. During the following years, he saw the foundation of The Living Word in Brazil solidified.

The Word that the Lord spoke through Stevens painted a picture of a community of believers living together in oneness. This word to live as a family burned in our hearts. In 1991, we decided to take a practical step towards that goal. As an expression of our faith, we bought a small rural property in Arsenal, São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. Many people joined the church, and families moved from other parts of Brazil and other countries to be part of this vision. Soon we saw the need for a larger property.

Monte Sião

In 1995, we purchased a new property in Varzea das Mocas, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, where today we have the church A Palavra Viva, as well as the prophetic community called Monte Sião. We are a church within a community. Many of us built our homes on property adjacent to the church where we live the vision that the Lord gave us of the prophetic community.

John Robert Stevens passed away in 1983, but we continue being led by the same apostolic anointing of a living Word through Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, who were created and commissioned by John Stevens to continue everything that he began.

Gary and Marilyn created Silas and Selma Esteves as their spiritual sons and commissioned them as apostolic ministries over the Living Word Fellowship churches in Brazil. Silas and Selma, with a wonderful team of pastors, take care of each person with deep love and zeal for family life and for the facilities that the Lord has given them.

We are extremely grateful to the Lord for what He has given us. We live a miracle every day.

We invite you to come and get to know us and even help us to create the next chapters of this story of love for God and His Word.