A Palavra Viva

Church of the Living Word
Monte Sião - Niterói, Brazil

Pastoral Team

Silas and Selma Esteves

Silas and Selma have been married since 1993 and together they gave themselves to be spiritual father and mother to edify Christ in each person around them to create the Heavenly Father’s family. The Lord has graced them with a wonderful son, Leo.

Silas Esteves was ordained as pastor of the Living Word Fellowship church in São Paulo in 1978, and was given the responsibility for the oversight of all the fellowship’s churches in Brazil in 1984. Silas was commissioned to the Apostolic Company in 1991, and currently serves as a director. Since 1994, Silas has served as CEO and president of the Apostolic Council of Brazil, which is the legal housing of The Living Word Fellowship in Brazil.

Silas and Selma are the senior pastors of A Palavra Viva in Niterói.

Silas oversees the Portuguese translation of sermons by Gary and Marilyn Hargrave and our founder, John Robert Stevens.

Selma Esteves first attended Grace Chapel of Rio de Janeiro in 1976, when she was a young girl. In 1986, she began working in the accounting department, and in 1991, moved to Niterói where she took on many responsibilities in the supervision and administration of the church.

Selma is currently a director and the treasurer of the Apostolic Council of Brazil. She also functions as part of the Apostolic Company in the United States.

Silas and Selma live by passion for this vision of a prophetic community in the earth. The foundational drive of their heart is to put into practice scriptural principles through the development of a family atmosphere.