A Palavra Viva

Church of the Living Word
Monte Sião - Niterói, Brazil

Our Mission

Our mission and destiny is to fervently love the Lord our God, and one another, until the force of this love eliminates death from the face of the earth. Founded on the principles of the living Word of God we will live daily as a family. By His grace, we will walk with Him as a people of simple faith and create a new society where there will be a quality of life that can only be experienced when the Lord is the center and governs everything and everyone.

To reach this goal we will:

…gather frequently to worship Him, learn His Word and be the helpers of one another’s faith. We also understand that individually each one of us is responsible for our own personal relationship with the Lord.

…become, publish, preserve and publicize this Word with the objective of finding those who like us want to give their lives to become living epistles and examples of this Word.

…use creativity to express our hearts and diligently take care of everything that was entrusted to us.

…honor, support and love unrestrained and unlimitedly those whom we have as channels of God for this generation. And with them, shoulder to shoulder, restore God’s truths, being a part of the creation of His kingdom on the earth.

And as a sign of this search for sonship, we will always be open and ready to be led by God’s Holy Spirit.